Wi-Ho!® vs. SIM Card

Internet in Japan: Pocket WiFi or SIM card?

  1. Will multiple people use the Internet connection?
  2. Are you going to use a SIM-free device?
  • Wi-Ho!® (Pocket WiFi) can be rented for periods as short as 1 day and can be used by multiple users

    • ・Connect up to 14 devices (unlimited usage also available)
    • ・Compact and easy to carry
    • ・Easy to return (drop in a Return Box)
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  • Two Types of Wi-Ho!® SIM cards:
    Data SIM

    • ・Insert in your own smartphone or device
    • ・No need to carry two devices
    • ・No need to return
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Feature Comparison

If you want to access the Internet in Japan using your own smartphone or computer, you can either use our convenient Wi-Ho!® (Pocket WiFi) rental service or purchase a SIM card to use in your smartphone. Both options provide Internet access while you are on the move, so you can actively tour around tourist destinations and post to social network sites.

Get Wi-Ho!® if you want to cut costs by sharing an Internet connection during group travel with family or friends. Get a SIM card if you want to make/receive calls in Japan and connect to the Internet without carrying a WiFi device.
You can enjoy a more affordable trip in Japan by selecting the package that suits your needs.

  Wi-Ho!® (Pocket WiFi) SIM
Product Image Wi-Ho! Wi-Ho! SIM
Data plan Unlimited/Daily: 30 days
500MB/Daily: 30 days
Extended use allowed
5 GB/available for 30 days
2 GB/available for 7 days
Extended use allowed
Maximum Number of Connected Devices 10 to 14 devices 1 device
Price Starting from JPY 900
*500 MB
Starting from JPY 3,800
*JPY 950 per 500 MB
Charging Time 3 hours or 7 hours None
Connection Speed (Best Effort) 150 Mbps 150 Mbps
Usage Turn on Wi-Ho!® (Pocket WiFi), enter SSID and password, then start using. Remove your SIM card from the smartphone, insert the SIM card you purchased, configure settings (APN, etc.), then start using.
Notes Customers are required to show their passport (identification) when picking up products. Customers are required to show their passport (identification) when purchasing products.
Placing an Order Buy at an airport counter
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TAbout Telecom Square

Telecom Square is a global mobile solutions company specializing in mobile terminal rental. With 25 years of experience, we provide services to more than 500,000 users per year. We have counters at Japan’s major airports and operate a dedicated call center system to ensure peace of mind even when problems occur. In addition to WiFi router rental, we offer a strong lineup of backup services for travellers, including SIM card sales and mobile phone rental.

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  • Smartphone
  • PinnAR

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