Rent a Pocket WiFi
for your trip
from JPY 1,296 / day


Features of Wi-Ho!®Benefits of Wi-Ho!®

You can choose your Pocket WiFi to suit your needs.
Plenty of lineup options to choose from.
Easy to pick up and return, with no waiting time.

$Typical Pocket WiFi rental fees

for different travel plans

7 days plan
For visiting urban areas

JPY 5,500

Recommended plan: City-type, Pack7 (7 days)

For details and other package plan,
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11 days plan
For longer stays and visiting natural areas

JPY 16,200

Recommended plan: Wide-type, Pack30 (30 days)

For details and other package plan,
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Unlike free Wi-Fi Services, Wi-Ho!® provides convenient and reliable Internet access, wherever your journey takes you.

Many of Japan's Wi-Fi hotspots require users to register and enter a contract, and only a few services can be used easily without any prior arrangement. It can be difficult for visitors to connect to the Internet in Japan at some places. But with Wi-Ho! Pocket WiFi service you can easily access the Internet using your own smartphone, tablet or laptop. These can then be used to look up your travel destination, search where you are located, to find popular attractions and restaurants around you.

  • Check out what's happening at your destination and see if there is anything new to explore. Use the online maps to navigate yourself all around Japan.

  • Share your travel moments to your Social Media when you want.

  • Use translation apps or service to experience and enjoy more of Japan.

WHow to use Wi-Ho!®

  • STEP 1STEP 1

    Fill in the required fields and submit the application form

  • STEP 2 STEP 2

    Pick up the Wi-Ho! Pocket WiFi at the pickup point (airport counter) at the start of your trip


  • STEP 3 STEP 3

    Contact the Support Desk if you experience any problems while using the service (open all-year round)

  • STEP 4 STEP 4

    Return the Wi-Ho! Pocket WiFi to one of our airport counters before flying home


Order Wi-Ho!® Rental Now

TAbout Telecom Square

Telecom Square is a global mobile solution company specializing in mobile device rental. With 25 years of experience, we provide services to more than 500,000 users per year. We have counters at Japan's major airports and operate a dedicated call center system to ensure peace of mind even when problems occur. In addition to Pocket WiFi rental, we offer a strong lineup of other services for travelers, including SIM card sales and mobile phone rental.

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